Si Hubiera Estado Alli (If I Had Been There)

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Through the Life of Christ – A Worship Collection

I wanted to post more of Michael Card’s music in my last post and it dawned on me like Easter morning that over the years, Michael has published so much Scripture and biblical narrative in his music, that one can revisit much of the life, ministry, death, resurrection, and return of Christ through his songs.  Here is a “small” collection that I came up with that touches on many of these wondrous (and “woundrous”?) themes.

Worship Jesus and enjoy with me.

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He Is Risen!

Good Friday to you all and don’t forget…Sunday’s a Comin’!

One of my favorite Easter songs from 1981 (before Internet!):


and another favorite from the early 80′s…


and since we’re stuck in the 80s, here’s another classic…


and can’t leave out this one…


and Love Crucified Arose…

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Peace Child

A well-known and marvelous missionary testimony of reaching deep into a barbaric culture and pulling out an evangelistic illustration from their own traditions as a way to share the truth of God’s Word and the Good News of peace with God through Jesus Christ.

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Did You Know?

Q. Which country in the world receives the most foreign missionaries?

A. The United States of America

[excerpt from link below]

Meanwhile, most missionaries continue to go to mostly Christian nations. “The ‘top nine’ receiving countries were home to only 3.5% of the world’s non-Christians but received more than 34% of all international missionaries,” notes the CSGC. “All nine have Christian majorities, and they were home to over 34% of the world’s Christians in 2010.”

By contrast, “The ten countries with the most non-Christians in 2010 were home to 73% of all non-Christians globally. Because many of them restrict or deny missionary access, however, they received only 9% of all international missionaries,” notes the CSGC. The lion’s share are in China, India, and Nigiera, where “large numbers of home missionaries also work among non-Christians.”

The country that received the most missionaries in 2010? The United States, with 32,400 sent from other nations.

The Surprising Countries Most Missionaries Are Sent From and Go To

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Moving Along

Today brought some important developments.

The first was I finally was able to get a banking account finalized that allows me to resolve some financial logistics that have been a problem for months.  I still lack a couple of details to make it work as well as it can, but for now, I at least can get access to our funds without losing a lot in fees for the transaction.  It’s still a little complicated but I won’t share details out here in the wide open of the Internet.

As a part of this first development, I was able to exchange enough dollars today out of our savings to make a deposit of about $2,100 for our legal visas.  These will be permanent visas for Beth and me and 5 year visas for the boys.  That’s pretty much a month’s salary for us and only $500 of that qualifies for reimbursement.  We’re praying for the Lord to provide some extra funds to replenish what we’ve used to pay for these required legal expenses.

The second development today concerns a young man we knew from our first years here in San Juan from the main church.  He left the church a few years ago, but without going into details, it really wasn’t his choice.  In two months he has to take a rigorous English exam, and he asked us if we’d be willing to help him review and practice.  In the course of doing that, I asked him if he’d like to do a Bible study in English with me as a way to help him with his English and find some way to give him some spiritual input.  He immediately said he’d really like to do that and even mentioned the fact that since he is not in a church that he really could benefit from studying with me.  He has been listening to some sermons in English on his own to help him with both the English and his spiritual nourishment.   His situation is a little complicated and I can’t really go into details, but pray for this college student, Yoshi.  He is a very nice young man and I’m looking forward to studying Ephesians with him in English.

Beth also was asked yesterday to start up a new Bible study as well and it was on short notice so the woman who asked her realized that the hasty plan to start today wasn’t going to work out.  So, they’ll work out another time.  This woman is also a professing believer and is already a part of our Sunday group.

These two studies would bring us to 5 (or 6 depending on whether one is a couples’ study or separate husband/wife studies) for each week.  We’re blessed and pleased to see the Lord give us opportunities to help others in their spiritual journeys.

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Let God Write Your Story (but what if we don’t like the next chapter)

I’ve shared a couple of excerpts of those who lived the real-life story of “Through the Gates of Splendor.”  I came across this message by Steve Saint while searching for missionary stories to share.  I knew I would share this one.  If you aren’t aware of it, Steve suffered a serious injury a few years ago and nearly died.  He was partially paralyzed and has gone through a very difficult rehabilitation.

This message he stands to share.  The title is probably self-explanatory because we all have chapters in our lives that we don’t like…maybe the chapter we’re living right now.  Steve shares from the heart about such a chapter of his life and that it’s God’s promise that He will write the chapters and that at the end of the book…our life’s book…God has promised that everything He wrote in our story will make sense as it will fit perfectly within His purpose, His plan…His story.

I hope you’ll carve out some time and listen to this message.  He gives a visual illustration that you won’t forget.  I stayed up late just so I could finish listening.  It was worth the sleep payment.  May you be blessed by this too.

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