A Small Find of a Big Thing

Came across this lovely version of the Lord’s Prayer on the wall of a local shop yesterday. The shop is being sold so I guess they aren’t doing too well. Couldn’t resist for about $4. Found a nice empty white wall for it. Amen.


Since I haven’t blogged for a couple weeks, I should give a short update. I’m toward the end of my third week of NT Greek. Mounce does a good job of explaining everything and so far I’m understanding it. Knowing some Spanish grammar has been a huge help. I’ve noted numerous discussions among classmates who do not understand some things that I find easy to understand because of some understanding of Spanish grammar.

The MK educational co-op days have pretty much dropped the Skype sessions for live sessions which means we are traveling twice on most weeks instead of once. These two days are filled with a lot of juggling of students and class sessions and some students dropping out for online classes, etc. We’ve been leaving the house around 7 a.m. and getting home about 7 p.m. They’re long days. Beth has to drive on Mondays as I have the bulk of my weekly deadlines on Mondays and need to stay home to study and make a video and take a quiz for class.

This upcoming week is something very special. Our mission’s field conference, “family conference,” is being held about 90 minutes from here at a rustic, Mexican water park. We held it there last year and it really went well, except it was a little chilly during Thanksgiving week (which it always is in this region). So, it was decided to move it forward on the calendar and for the first time since we’ve attended these conferences in 2004, it will not be held over Thanksgiving! I hope we’ll find that to be a dual blessing in that we can look forward to having a more traditional Thanksgiving either at home or with our teammates. If I get some good pictures, I’ll post them when I can. I will need to be studying Greek throughout the conference days, so that will be a challenge, but after lunch, there are few things on the agenda that are required. I will have to miss out on some fellowship time though. Maybe I can waterproof my textbook and study while soaking up some thermal water!

Have a great week and if you get some nice fall pics, we’d love to see them! It’s my favorite season of the year with the colors, apples, and pumpkins. Send me some pics and I’ll post ’em as soon as I can. Thanks!

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September 15 is the big Independence Day for Mexico so this weekend will be a holiday weekend with many people getting Monday off from work. I haven’t had time to get anything that seemed like exercise this week, so I took a break from Greek and took a walk downtown to pay the rent and take a few pictures of whatever seemed interesting.

IMG_5412 IMG_5416 IMG_5418 IMG_5420 IMG_5421

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Tiny, Powerful, Broken, and Whole

The throne of God is high and lifted up.
The train of His robe fills heaven’s temple.
So great.
So powerful.

Holy. Holy. Holy.

So tiny,
So broken with lips unclean,
Sees Him in all of His glory.

Holy. Holy. Holy.

Seraphs’ wings cover face and feet and accord them flight.
Seraphs’ voices declare the glory of the Lord of Hosts, God Most High.
Seraphs’ hands carry altar coal.
Seraphs bend down to cleanse and make whole.

Holy. Holy. Holy.

So Tiny.
So Great.
So Powerful.
So Whole.

Such is the scene of heaven.

But on earth:

Our hands are empty,
Our hearts are broken,
And teardrops fall,
From our grief so full.

Yet wispy wings declare God’s glory,
Flying high,
Bending low,
And carrying…

Once Broken,
Now made Whole.

So we rejoice with you Tiny, Powerful Whit Emmet!

For wispy wings have carried you home,
Into the powerful hands of God upon His throne.
A tiny, living offering to the Lord of Hosts,
And the great heart of God Most High has made you Whole.

In the hands of God our Savior
Whit Emmet Livovich
September 4, 2015


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Harvest Time

As we were getting ready to wrap our long school day in Querétaro today, I snapped a few pictures of the view from the hillside home of our missionary friends and hosts for classes this week, Paul and Denise Lambert.

The Lamberts are preparing to begin a new church plant with a small ministry team set to begin outreach in this new area of the city that has sprung up in the past couple years just down the hill from their home. We’re excited to continue ministering to this special family and their three youngest teenagers as they continue ministering in the harvest of souls.



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Back to School



(also Physics, and Math Analysis/Calculus, not pictured)

IMG_5383Coffee Required

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There are few things in this world that God has created that are more important to our survival, well-being, and enjoyment than our family. The church was created to be a spiritual family. Now that we’ve been back for a few weeks, our focus with the house church has been to develop a greater sense of family and community within our group.

A couple weeks ago I decided to create a private Facebook page for our little church. Everyone has been invited and most everyone has been able to get online to check it out. I’ve been able to share some thoughts and biblical exhortations to everyone and make sure that those who missed a Sunday service are caught up on the content of what they missed. This simple thing has helped us in several ways, including a place to share photos and communicate freely.

Developing community among those with very little time is not as easy as it sounds. The work week in Mexico is 6 days rather than 5 and 12+ hour work days are common. Add to the mix one family with the husband unemployed and looking for work (they resorted to selling cupcakes in the market during this past weekend so didn’t come to church service), and two husbands that had to work this past Sunday, and the one other family with illness and moving into a larger apartment and only having Sunday to do that, we ended up cancelling the service yesterday and just spending some time with one of the families that we hadn’t seen for a couple weeks.

Not much about this church planting ministry that might look traditional, but building up community and strengthening our ties as family in Christ is something we’re really working on. Two Sundays ago I began teaching on the topic of the church. I had planned on starting with a brief reading of Acts 1 and 2 as a starter and then moving into some key passages on the church. Well, once I discovered that of the 6 adults we had that day, none of them had ever read Acts yet, we ended up spending over an hour on these two chapters! So, I guess we’ll be working through Acts and THEN getting to all those verses regarding the church. There so much to cover and so little time to cover it!

A visiting photographer took these pics with members from one of our church families and me a couple weeks ago:

IMG_4119 IMG_4121

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El Fin (the End)

Yes, our home assignment 2015 has come to an end. It actually ended a couple weeks ago, but while I was preoccupied with getting out an email update to let everyone know that, I failed to update you here on the blog. We arrived home safely on August 13. Thanks for praying us through the travels. The trip to the border through Texas was predictably tedious with lots of traffic, and the bridge crossing and 600 mile drive from the border to San Juan del Río was smooth and we weren’t even asked to show any documents or even to speak to any officials. It was a bit surreal that the Mexico side of the trip was so easy.

Since arriving home, we’ve gotten some rest, we’ve had two Sunday house church services, we’ve begun a new homeschool year, we’ve had two guests for the past week who were here videotaping and taking photos for a couple of Camino-related ministries, and we’ve been trying to catch up on giving the house we rent some needed attention.

I enjoyed talking to the videographer/photographer throughout the past week and last night I brought out my point and shoot Canon to show it to him and see if he could refresh my memory on some of the functions (it really does a lot more than I use or know how to use…many features I learned at one time but have since forgotten out of lack of practice). Looks like I need to go back to the Youtube videos that users have uploaded to demonstrate various features.

We like our new Camino Global mug!

IMG_5325 IMG_5338

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