Night Class – Lunar Eclipse

The earth’s shadow crossed over the moon last night. It made for a fun bonus class in an unlikely classroom…our roof! Josiah, Briana, Aaron, Monica and Keegan joined Cameron and Dayton and even our teen-aged neighbor, Hector, who stepped over from his rooftop!

The crisply clear sky provided us with a great viewing opportunity, and to our relief (but to the disappointment of Peanut the dog down below) no one fell off while gazing upward.

I snapped some photos and set up the telescope as well.

Beth has been covering space and the stars in science class each week with Brent, Karina, Paul, Josh, Cameron and Dayton so this was a well-timed, “shadowy” display. We want to offer a note of appreciation to the organizer of this celestial event:

Thanks God!

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