Dayton’s 7th B-Day!

Glad to finally see Dayton arrive alive at age 7. We never thought he’d live to see it…either he’d jump off a cliff, run out in front of a truck or we’d contribute something toward his demise (LOL)…but God is merciful!

Seriously, we love our Dayton Isaiah and we’re glad God has loaned him to us for these 7 years. May he continue to grow and mature and become a godly young man…and may God give us the energy and wisdom needed to help him get there!

A few birthday party photos. He wanted a Star Wars birthday. Beth made an R2D2 cake (wow…I was about 9 years old when the original Star Wars came out…I remember getting to go to the theater to see it!). We couldn’t find a Star Wars piñata so despite the disappointment, Dayton was OK with pulverizing Alvin the Chipmunk and we approved as well.

Most of the kids his age that he knows were not in town this week so we scraped up some older friends to help make it a party! Oh well…we are missionaries among missionaries so that’s the way it goes sometimes.

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