The Storm Before the Lull

Actually, there is no storm but that seemed appropriate with Gustav churning toward New Orleans and the McManus family about to head for the border for a week of R&R.

I don’t expect to put any posts up in the coming week or so while we take a break and so I thought I’d leave the blog here with a few photos from last week when Aunt Krissy and Cousin Elia were here. We went to Bernal one day and the kids enjoyed climbing half-way up that huge rock plus the tree across from the store with the beautiful textiles.

We’re happy to announce that our experience using has been excellent so far and it has allowed us to catalog our library books much faster than ever. We just topped 1,000 books this morning after just over a week! Amazing! That would have taken many weeks with the program we were using before. You should be able to sample our incomplete catalog online at that address either by clicking on a book in the left pane of our blog or by going to the website directly and doing as search for “alanbethcam” which is the ID for our library listings. This should be a big help to our missionaries here who can now browse our library collection from home and either come knowing what they’re looking for or can ask us to pull their selections and bring them with us for delivery. We have about 4,000 more books to input and we’re still on picture books so the older reading level books are still ahead of us.

It’s been raining quite regularly lately which is unusual for here even during “rainy season.” We’ve been watching the river that runs within a block or two from here and so far I think we’re in good shape. We know others who are fearful of flooding, including Jason and Kristin who live on the other side of the river from us. His relatives either live in the same neighborhood or in another state so we agreed that they could stay with us should they be evacuated. However, it’s likely that if their neighborhood is flooded, we probably will be flooded out first! So, we’re praying that the rains don’t overwhelm the river bed and no one is displaced. About 15 years ago flood waters lapped at the top step of the house we’re renting so we know it is possible. Please join us in praying that we’ll see no flooding like that. With the library in the basement, we’d hate to think of what might happen to it should that type of flooding occur here again.

Beth has struck up an enjoyable friendship with an American gal whose older kids are in Cameron’s tennis “school” (Dayton tried it this month but it didn’t work out for his interest-level…about nil). Jennifer is married to a Mexican (Javier) and they are unsaved. She grew up in Tennessee and attended a liberal Presbyterian college there. One or two of her kids were in at least one of the photos I posted here for Dayton’s birthday party a week or two ago. Pray for Jenny and Javier’s salvation as we hope to reach them as well as Jason and Kristin.

Well…we hope to leave for McAllen, TX dark and early tomorrow…4 to 5 a.m. would suit me just fine. We’d appreciate your prayers for our travel and the border crossings both going and coming.

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