Science Class is Flying Again





Yesterday marked our first science class of the new school year. Wow! The kids are really into it and we had a great time getting started. This year the focus in Zoology and along with the initial studies about birds, the kids built gliders to observe some dynamics involving flight.

This year the class has expanded by two students and we’re now up to 8 students from grades 2 to 7. An interesting range but they’re handling it well and everyone is learning at their own level. It’s great!

We had an unusual (even for “rainy season) morning rain that continued off and on all day. We passed at least 12 car/truck accidents along the way and had to change our route several times in order to get around the city. Thank God for keeping us safe as we traveled, especially when we were loaded with kids to get to our destination. At one point we had 10 people (7 children) in our Highlander that seats 5! That was unusual but we came to the conclusion that it was safer to take the extra people than to put them in a taxi with a maniac driver!

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One Response to Science Class is Flying Again

  1. K & E says:

    they all look like such great students!! just give them all A’s and be done for the year!!


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