Conference 2008…We Need Your Prayers

We’ve been away from home since Thursday and CAM Mexico Conference 2008 has been great and has gone very well…a tremendous blessing to us in many ways.

I don’t have time to give details or even write more than this simple post.

Friday morning I was sideswiped by a car here in Cordoba. The damage was measurable although the vehicle was drivable. The other driver was at fault but these situations do not resemble anything you can imagine. It is very challenging.

PLEASE pray that we’ll receive our vehicle back repaired before we need to leave on Tuesday. It appears this should be the case, but any number of things could go wrong. We’re over 6 hours’ drive from home and so this adds to the challenge. The details and the scenario are really too complicated to take the time right now to explain but please pray for a good resolution to this situation!

Praise God no one was injured and that the accident was not worse than it was. Praise God He is in control and this was truly no “accident.” Thank-you for praying. I’ll let you know how it works out in a couple days as I’m able.

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2 Responses to Conference 2008…We Need Your Prayers

  1. Ellie says:

    Praying! I know that car accidents are no simple matter in many countries. May God care for all the details for you.


  2. Oh, rats! Yeah, we know…accidents make life so complicated and they are hard to avoid the way people drive over here! 😦 Will be praying…


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