Accident Update

Conference has ended…everyone has left except for my mother-in-law (who is traveling back with us) and Brock and Heather Hower and their 4 little ones. They’re staying just to be sure we make it out of here…what great friends!

Brock and I checked out the car yesterday and it looked like the repairs were being done well. Of course, it was just a relief to see it there! The manager of the hotel here was able to tell us that he recommends this shop himself and uses it for whenever he needs auto body work. That was encouraging to hear as well.

This morning the shop called to say they couldn’t get the molding for the back door until Saturday. This is not a huge shock or surprise even though they were emphatic about being able to get it by today. That’s pretty typical for Mexico. At least it does appear they can get the car repaired in every other way by today. They’ve been insisting 1 p.m. but Brock and I will likely head down there before then and stand around to keep the deadline at the forefront of their thoughts. We’d have a problem if they didn’t finish until 3 p.m. The drive back in the dark would be unwise and we’d all be unwilling to do it. The roads are just too dangerous in the dark, especially with our families in-tow.

Thank-you for praying, we’re still not sure how this will all play out but I have hope that this will work out OK. Nonetheless, I hope you’re take a moment if you can and continue to remember us in prayer for the car situation and our trip back home. We might have to stay in Puebla tonight somewhere if things don’t work out as well here as we hope. I hope my next post will be the last one on this topic but this is Mexico…I don’t get my expectations up as experience has proven that to be an unwise thing to do!

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One Response to Accident Update

  1. Thanks for the update…yeah, Miguel usually goes and hangs around the shop when our car is there. 🙂 And we know, too, about how things work here…sure hope it gets done by the time you need it…


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