An Ode To Peanut

Here’s another risky post I suppose. There’s a word in it that was absolutely forbidden in my childhood household. We’ve lightened up on that word in my generation. My wife says her dad used it all the time…usually his pet name for his kids. Wow! What a difference a family makes!

Anyway, Cameron is learning some poetry in our Thursday co-op which I’m helping to teach. In his English textbook we came across a lesson touching on poetry as well. We looked online and learned even more about limericks in particular. I have to admit that poetry is a huge weakness in my training so we worked on learning it together. I couldn’t remember the rules. So…with the rhyming and rhythm patterns in hand, we took to pen and tried to write a limerick about our dog. Hereto forthwith is our creation (read at your own risk!):

Ode to Peanut (a limerick)

I have a dog that’s a mutt
She has a big head and butt
But thin is her belly
Like bread without jelly
And that’s why we call her Peanut!

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2 Responses to An Ode To Peanut

  1. Yeah, we were kind of like your family, that was pretty much a four-letter word! But yeah, we’ve relaxed things in our own family a tad…while it’s still not appropriate for general use, it would probably pass in poetry. 🙂 LOL!


  2. wait… you weren’t allowed to say mutt?


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