Birthdays Mean…

Food, Neighbors and Friends

Funny thing about birthday parties in the “campo” (rural area) is if you’re going to have a party with any guests, you have to invite ALL the neighbors or you’ll offend someone. This party included all the neighbors on the immediate surrounding hill. No school friends were invited to this party or the entire school would have been invited, and neighbors further down the road were out of luck too. This could have easily been a small party for a couple hundred people…there’s gotta be a cut-off somewhere! As it was, this party of just a few friends numbered between 40 and 50 guests!

“Es la cultura”…it’s the culture.

Tucker, Silas and Annie…ages 5, 4 and 1…either that or someone is turning 145! Notice Tucker’s shaved head…he really wanted a haircut like his daddy’s. Even baby Annie under the cap has a haircut like her daddy’s!

A well-known fact about the art of piñata-hitting at birthday parties is that the birthday kid(s) get to hit first and then the guests, beginning from the youngest/shortest and ending at the oldest/largest kids or until the candy vault is broken open.

I’ve figured out a lesser known fact in that when they’re young the idea is to not let them hit it too hard or too much. That way….

…by the time they’re about age 11 or 12, the “fatal” candy-producing blow, like Daniel is about .5 second from delivering here, comes near the end of the line of kids waiting their turn. That way the excitement is prolonged and more kids get a chance to try and hit it. This also means that there comes a day when every frustrated child will get his or her turn to just totally wail on the thing. Of course, this also means the candy inside is thus reduced to a pulverized mass of wrappers and sugar granules, but ohhh…does it feel good to finally get a chance to beat the daylights out of it!

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