Our Little Tough Guy

Dayton lost a tooth Saturday so he has a matching pair of holes. Nice symmetry.

After 5 hours of church service today Dayton tripped and fell flat on his face on the concrete floor. We left immediately (missed the last 2 hours of church today!) Poor kid…cried for about an hour and definitely had a concussion. The photo is bleached out a bit but he has a huge bruise on his forehead which was the point that hit the floor first. Several people at church said to put sugar on it. That was a crazy-sounding idea to me but Bethie did it anyway! Now I keep checking the floor for a line of ants. lol

He seems to be doing much better but pray for Dayton that he’ll really be OK from this and that God will spare him from the genetic disorder he inherited from his mother that requires a good cut or a head banging fall about every couple of weeks of his life.


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What’s up? or rather, ¿Qué pasa? Hola, I’m Alan. I’m a missionary living in Mexico. We have a heart for MK Education and so we teach at a local Christian school with MK students as well as nationals and foreign students as well. I occasionally write or have a pic to share with you at my blog, Knowing Your ABCDs, which you can read with a click on the button above. You can read my blog with a click on the button above.
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3 Responses to Our Little Tough Guy

  1. Oh, that forehead bruise looks nasty! 😮 I had to laugh about the sugar…one time one of our kids banged their head pretty good in Venezuela and the lady of the house smeared margarine all over it, much to that child’s disgust (can’t remember exactly which one it was…). Home remedies…gotta love em.


  2. dbecker says:

    Oh man! Sure does leave the nerves shaking, doesn’t it? You made me laugh about Beth’s accidents. Praying for complete healing without lingering after-effects.


  3. K & E says:

    He almost looks Hindu with that big spot on his forehead! ouch.


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