Bedtime Quotables

Putting the boys to bed seems like a hit or miss proposition at times. Whether it be a late arrival home after a long day or some late arriving or late departing guests, routine and schedule sometimes consists of simply knowing we aren’t going to have one.

Sometimes it’s not so much what is done at bedtime but what is said at bedtime that makes life a little more interesting. I guess when you’re tired the brain and the tongue don’t always work together. In my case, it has nothing to do with tired but that’s another story.

Here’s a couple of memorable bedtime quotes from the ABCD hogar:

“Boys…wash your teeth and brush your face.”

“Turn that light on and get to bed!”

“Blush your teeth, Dayton!”

and from tonight and my favorite so far…

“Dayton, brush your teeth and wipe between your ears!”

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One Response to Bedtime Quotables

  1. dbecker says:

    Hilarious! You made me laugh out loud with that last one!


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