Camp Games

I managed to get a few pics of one set of water games. Crafts (which Beth put together) and games (which were mostly put together by an intern, Julie) were the two most popular parts of camp, followed by these activities (in no particular order): chapel, breakfast, lunch, supper, the snack shack, bedtime, devotions, “find the counselors” game, free time with friends, pulling off counselor pre-approved pranks and bribing the counselor judges over the daily cabin cleaning assignments.

Here are the kids playing down in the big field…see them in the middle of the photo? No? OK…I’ll zoom in a little….

That’s our Dayton cheating to get a head start over Tara in the sponge races. He’s a stinker.

He really didn’t need the head start either.

The great thing about this sponge race was that after going through the lines twice, all the kids had effectively run 1.5 miles and there was no doubt among the counselors that everyone would go right to sleep that night. Not really, but those buckets were wayyyy down the field.

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