Shoe Taxonomy

Beth’s science co-op this week was based on the theme of science taxonomy. The students applied what they learned in creating a taxonomy of shoes using two big bags of shoes and sandals from the closets in just our house. Wow…we have a LOT of shoes!

It was a neat way for the kids to learn a little about the process scientists use to create taxonomies and to realize some of the challenges of fitting unique specimens into an existing group.

The boys first divided our shoes by those with shoelaces and those without shoelaces.

There were other ways they could have divided these shoes: all left-footed vs all right-footed, by size, by dress vs casual vs sport, by odor, or simply, and perhaps most logically, by the presence or absence of foot fungus. (eeewwww…yuck!)

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4 Responses to Shoe Taxonomy

  1. the Forrys says:

    I imagine that most of those shoes are yours, Alan, and undoubtedly all of the fungus 🙂


  2. That’s not a purely objective and scientific observation. Thus, I categorically deny it. Besides Dayton had shoes in the bag too and his shoes are generally a health hazard!


  3. We did that one time and had a blast! Also found out just how many shoes we own…it was scary.


  4. Ellie says:

    I don’t even want to think about how many shoes we all own.We’d divide into shoes we wear in the snow, shoes we wear in the rain and mud, shoes we wear to play in, shoes we wear to work in, shoes we wear only indoors, shoes we wear on warm days, and shoes we wear in the water. Even the list is long! Now multiply all that by six – oh, and I forgot shoes we wear on Sundays. Then add in a few “to be grown into” shoes in a box in the basement… we own a lot of shoes!


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