Tough Times & Faith-Trials (Part 1 of 6)

*** This post turned out to be much longer than I expected. Maybe it’s best read in parts. I hope you’ll stick with this through all the parts and gain a better understanding of a classic example of the various challenges faced by a believing family in Mexico. These are people just like you in respect to faith and family although different in respect to language and culture. Perhaps these posts will give you a greater appreciation of our walk with Christ through the experiences of our Mexican “hermanos.” ***
With the economic challenges here in Mexico and around the globe comes faith-trials for many believers. We’ve posted photos in the past of a couple from the church here in San Juan named Juan and Carmen. (Juan is the man on the far right of the photo above taken in January at the annual men’s leadership meeting.) Juan and Carmen are going through such a trial of their faith…in fact a number of trials.

Juan worked for 8 years as a fireman for the local PPG factory. He was laid-off indefinitely early last fall due to the global recession. He has repeatedly stated that he is not worried and that he is trusting that the Lord will take care of him and his family, and when God is ready, He will provide a new job. I’d call this a faith-trial.

Of course, he’s been looking around. He had a potential job with PEMEX (the government oil monopoly), but it required significant separation from his family and he didn’t feel that was healthy for him or his family.

He has at least one relative in Mexico City who works for the nationalized electric company, CFE. This connection allows him to apply for a prized job there. However, in order to be considered for a job there (basically a lifetime appointment), one has to not just have the desired connection through family, but then has to pay a significant amount of money in order to be put on “the list.” The catch is this: paying and getting on the list doesn’t guarantee ever getting a job. It’s a risky proposition and quite costly. I think it’s hundreds of dollars but could cost more than that.

None of these prospects have panned out for Juan (I don’t think he ever paid the money to get on the CFE list which was probably a wise decision.)


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