Tough Times & Faith-Trials (Part 2 of 6)

In November Juan borrowed our portable awning/tent so that they could use it for selling poinsettias in a lot just off a busy street. They invested a lump-sum in order to purchase a couple hundred poinsettias to sell for the holidays.

I recall that Juan told me that they would be happy just to break-even on their investment but if they manage to sell them all, they would make some profit on the venture. Each poinsettia was sold for about $1.50 (USD) and as they sold them, the revenue helped them buy groceries and household necessities. He told me that if they sold just two plants per day, they could pretty much buy enough groceries to eat for the day. At that we’re just talking a bit of rice, beans and tortillas and not much more than that.

When they finally got into December, the last few dozen plants they had left represented the profit for the venture. It was then that one night some robbers tried to break into a building by scaling a wall and landing in an open area on the other side. It was in that open area where Juan was storing his poinsettia plants! The robbers didn’t take their poinsettias but in the process of scrambling down from the wall, they ruined about 30 of the remaining poinsettias! There went the profits from the whole venture and there arrived yet another disappointment and another faith-trial.


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