Tough Times & Faith-Trials (Part 3 of 6)

They’ve managed to keep their kids (Christian and Nayeli, pictured above from last December’s church youth Christmas party) in the public high school but it isn’t a totally free endeavor. Their two kids are studying in some of the same classes and books are expensive, especially when income is scarce. (Beth has been tutoring both of them each week through their math class this year.)

In one particular shared class, the kids have been sharing a book for the class so as to not have to buy two books. They do their own work and each takes their own tests so there’s not even a possibility of cheating. The teacher never said anything about this being a problem…until the very end of the semester. He flunked them both for sharing the book. Juan went in and fixed the problem but ended up buying the expensive 2nd book just to cover the kids for the rest of the year with this antagonistic teacher.

It turned out that while there was no broken rule involved, the teacher has a lot of latitude to make up rules as he goes, and there’s not much one can do about it but complain. It also turns out that because Christian and Nayeli are believers and open about that fact at school, the teacher does not like them. Apparently, finding a “reason” to fail them was a way the teacher had of persecuting them for their faith in Christ. This was no doubt a faith-trial as well.


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