Discipleship, Family & Moving

We’re really enjoying our times with Jason and Kristin. They have come such a long way on their spiritual journey and it is amazing to watch God changing their lives little by little. We’re amazed that we’ve found that we enjoy their friendship too.

Earlier this month they discovered they have to move out of their small apartment because the owner wants it back. I drove Jason around the area a few weeks ago trying to find some alternatives. Unfortunately, they really can’t afford anything much. I don’t think they make even $500 dollars a month which wouldn’t even cover the rent where we live. They’ve been paying $1000 pesos a month which is about $75! And still they sometimes can’t pay all their bills.

There was a very ugly little apartment around the corner from where they’ve been living and the owner only wanted $1200 pesos. They ended up taking that as they didn’t need to come up with a lot of money (if any) for a deposit which they couldn’t afford. As it was I think Kristin sold her inexpensive Kodak digital camera so they could make the move. I was wanting to take some pictures of the old and “new” home but I was afraid they’d be embarrassed by that so I decided that you’ll just have to endure a long explanation rather than some good visuals. There are many times where we’d like to take photos to share with you but it just doesn’t feel right to take photos at some of these occasions.

They had to move today so we went over with a late lunch of roasted chicken, tortillas and rice purchased at a local chicken and rabbit roaster. They rarely get any meals that are made for them (unless with us) so while I was dumbly noting the grease and hoping I wouldn’t get really sick from it tomorrow. It was probably the nicest meal they’ve had in awhile. I wasn’t complaining, but I suppose I should just give thanks and shut-up about the grease…or be grateful for that too! They generally eat rice and homemade refried beans some and a bit of tough tortillas and meat you can chew on for a good while (I know…I’ve eaten with them and it was quite challenging!) Now that I think of it, Beth mentioned that the tortillas we bought weren’t as good as from the place we normally get them from. Jason responded that they were much better than what the tortillas they ever get. Ha-ha…I guess we all can use a good lesson on humility and contentment or at least giving thanks and shutting our mouths!

After eating quickly, we began the move. Thankfully and rather unexpectedly (that’s another story) Jason’s father, brother and cousin came by (they live across the street!) and helped as well and provided a small pickup which really helped a lot. We got it all moved in about 3 hours.

In the past few years, Jason and Kristin have moved 3 times. Every time Jason’s family generally invents a reason to be mad at them for “something” and then refuse to help them with their move. Very recently, the family became upset at Kristin for something and it looked like they were just building their excuse to not help them. At least this time some of the family helped out and the help was quite sufficient to get the job done fairly quickly.

I ran home with the restless boys as their presence wasn’t helpful at all and picked up a list of items for cleaning and a shower curtain rod we could part with. Kristin has been struggling with this move…she hates the house…and for good reason. It is pretty bad and pretty ugly. The sickly orange paint on the interior is hideous. The owner won’t be painting it again for them since the paint supposedly was put on in December (although not finished). It looks like it wasn’t the most recent December to me!

Beth and Kristin will go to a cloth store in the morning and Beth will buy material and make curtains for their windows so they can have a little privacy. That will be our house warming gift for them.

Jason won’t be able to study tomorrow evening because he needs to do some painting and cleanup at the old place. I told him that was fine and that I’ll just plan to go over and help him. These are great ways to develop discipleship and friendship.

This morning we were scheduled to have church at home with just our family. As I may have mentioned before, we’re basically weaning the church away from our presence so they can focus on maturing without a North American “crutch.” This has been very difficult for the church (not that we’re even all that involved) but they do seem to take it personally. We’re pretty much finished with our attendance there as we’re going to work on starting a fellowship-outreach-discipleship-church (?) in our home.

It probably will be an English-speaking event as that seems to fit the people that we think will be interested in coming to such a time. I’m a little hesitant to get something going before we leave in July before the first Sunday of that month (and I think we’ll be gone next weekend too) but perhaps we’ll have Jason and Kristin come join us with what we’re doing now with just our boys. It’s really a kids’ lesson we’re working through, but the truth of the lessons are not just for kids. We’ll see how this develops or doesn’t. It may really be something that we’ll focus on in the fall since we’ve only got 4 or 5 weeks to go before our home assignment that will take us away for at least 11 Sundays.

Thanks for praying for Jason and Kristin as they grow and as we disciple them, for our family as we disciple our boys, and for our preparations for the upcoming home assignment. I still am working out a couple of dates for our church visits and have no real idea what I’m going to do yet for a multimedia presentation. I’d like to have something ready by July.

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  1. It has been neat to see through your blogs how God has been working in this situation and to see how He’s using you to love others…thanks for sharing the encouragement with the rest of us!!Michelle


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