Making Disciples

It’s such an amazing time for us as we see God working in the lives of Jason and Kristin. We’ve been working on a friendship with them for three years and to now see them both having come to faith in Christ just blows our minds.

I continue studying with Jason on Monday evenings and Beth studies with Kristin on Tuesdays. They’re both growing spiritually and we’re seeing huge changes in Kristin. Now we’re finding that our friendships are growing too as we have a new-found connection through our fellowship in the Spirit.

They have many questions and Kristin has been asking about why she doesn’t “feel” forgiven for sins committed years ago. She asked me this after my study with Jason on Monday and apparently my explanation from Scripture really helped her understand that with true confession and repentance comes true and forever forgiveness. Whether we feel forgiven or not, God is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us completely from our unrighteousness and this we can know. It’s a truth so basic to the Christian life but so very important to grasp. She told Beth on Tuesday that she feels so free from her past sins now that she’s understood this. That’s so great to hear.

We’re really taking seriously the idea of starting a house church this fall after our home assignment. We’ve never done this before…we’re not church planters as you know. But the opportunity just keeps growing for the idea of beginning an English-based Bible study/fellowship that might take the form of a bi-lingual event or might be almost completely in English. At this point there are lots of ideas and we’re in the process of thinking and praying them over to see what God wants.

The main purpose for this type of approach is that there appears to be the potential to reach Mexicans in an informal, English-based event that mostly would draw middle and upper-middle class Mexicans who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in a similar outreach in Spanish. The use of English and the location in a private home rather than a place that may have a religious connotation to it, such as the community center, might appeal to them.

At the same time our CAM co-workers, Scott and Ruth Yingling, are beginning a new house church that seeks to target this same class of people but in Spanish. Perhaps between both of these efforts, we’ll find we can complement each other and reach these mostly unreached people here in San Juan del Rio in whichever method works best.

I had reservations about this idea initially since reaching Mexicans in English seems like a cop-out for someone like me who struggles in Spanish. It would seem like an ineffective way to reach native Spanish-speakers.

However, the tipping point is the idea that Mexicans who also speak English or are developing their English skills typically want social contacts with native English-speakers. An opportunity like this would allow them a free, real-world (out of classroom) English context, while at the same time allowing us a platform to introduce these folks to the Gospel and to some believers. Jason and Kristin have made it very clear that they would be happy to attend and be a part of this.

This type of ministry has been tried before in other locations in Latin America although I don’t think too many CAMers have ever been involved in such an outreach. Here in Mexico I doubt anyone with CAM has ever tried this as a regular ministry.

I don’t know how it will turn out but we’d greatly appreciate your prayers for wisdom and understanding of God’s will for us in this. So far we’re sensing that this is the direction in which we should go for this aspect of ministry here.

Of course, we’re still focusing on our primary support ministry here with MK education, but we’ve always looked for ways to have an evangelistic impact whenever the opportunity has arisen and to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus who in turn make disciples of Jesus.

Thanks for praying!

Here are some recent photos of Jason and Kristin and their son Justin. He’s been in the “terrible-twos” but is so stinkin’ cute!


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