H.A.R.T.U. #2 – Dallas

We’re here in the Big D with D-boy, Camboy and the B and me, the A. Two nights with good friends here, even though one of them had to be away most of the time with meetings out of town.

Dallas in July is somewhere between intolerable and awfully intolerable. It cooled off this evening to suffocating. Since 9 a.m. today, I’ve felt like I must have taken a bath in sweat. I didn’t even sweat that much when I was out but I feel sticky, clammy and just an overall feeling of yuck.

Besides the weather we have actual stuff we’ve got to do here. I’ve done the most important ones (from my perspective). Our car inspection was out-of-date by about 2 months so I got that done today before being noticed by any of the nice police officers here in Texas. I also discovered our car registration renewal in the waiting mail at the CAM Center this morning so I went down and took care of that too.

One piece of good news is that our resident car expert doesn’t think I need to replace the struts just yet. We’ll re-evaluate in September when we get back. We managed to get our parts and labor quotes worked down from $1600 to about $800 for this job. The struts on this vehicle are expensive that’s for sure.

We move over to the guest housing at the CAM Center tomorrow. We’ll be in apartment 5 but I don’t know the phone number off-hand. Beth’s brother, Kenny, and his wife and 3 little girls will arrive Saturday evening (?) and stay to Thursday. We’re looking forward to seeing them. We haven’t met baby Eden who is about 4 months old now. We haven’t seen any of them since December 2007. We can hardly wait to see them again. I don’t think we have any big plans…just going to hang out and sip some early morning coffee (Kenny and me) and let the kids play and enjoy lots of good conversation.

I’m so glad we decided to take this time before our travels begin in earnest. These trips are wonderful but tiring and we need the chance to catch our breath and feel our feet back in the USA. I was a little sick today but just the same intestinal stuff I’ve been dealing with for a long time now. I am thinking I’m going to have to seek a different set of medicines to deal with this. I don’t think what I’ve been taking is helping much. Bummer.

Oh and our time in Fort Hood was exceptional and I’m glad to report there were no strip searches! We weren’t sure if Mark was pulling my leg or not…he was. That stinker! So, we’ve been with two of our supporters already and we have not even started our “real trip” yet. Well, on second thought, I guess maybe we have.

Thanks for your prayers!


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