H.A.R.T.U. #3 – Dallas

Can’t beat ice cream cones on a day that topped 105 degrees!

Sweet baby Eden

Cameron had a great time scaring the shorts off Maria and Lluvia! They enjoyed it too!

(H.A.R.T.U. #3 – Home Assignment Road Trip Update #3)

Just enjoying a few days here at the CAM Center guest housing with Beth’s brother and his family. Haven’t seen them since Christmas 2007 so it is a special time for us all to get a few days together. Their girls are such sweeties. They’ve taken to their “Tio Alan” and “her boys.” “Her” applies to everyone and I’ve got nothing more to say about that. 🙂

(“Tio” is Spanish for “uncle” in case you didn’t know.)

We enjoyed a visit to Half-Price Books today, ice cream and a delicious Puerto Rican meal that Esme made for us (Esmeralda is Kenny’s wife…her family is Puerto Rican American).

We continue to be chagrined at how many work teams canceled their summer trips to Mexico this year due to the many reports of violence and the flu. From what I can tell the violence in the U.S. is much more alarming and much more random than in most of Mexico (including our region) and the flu has been more of a problem in the U.S. more recently than it has been in Mexico.

However, I did read online that the first deadly flu case in our state of Querétaro just occurred about a week ago in our city of San Juan del Río. We were sorry to hear that with the cooler weather (yes, it is cooler at this time of year with the coming of the rains) the flu is apparently starting to show up again.

After further discussion, it looks like we’ll probably need to replace the struts on the truck after all. It appears it will be about an $800 job but I think with the smoother roads up here, we’ll wait until we get back to Dallas in September to do it. We’ll see if we have funds left for that then. Between Wal-Mart and SAMs one would think we’d be honorary members or owners after all the funds we seem to part with there. Maybe you can relate.


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