H.A.R.T.U. #8 – Minnesota

On Saturday’s drive up to northern Minnesota, we had the opportunity to stop in and meet Kristin’s mother and aunt. It was really great to connect with Kristin’s family who she hasn’t been able to see since coming down to Mexico with her husband, Jason. They all miss each other but there’s not much chance of them getting to see each other any time soon. I wonder if they’ll ever get that chance but we never know what God might work out.

It was an awesome thing to share with Jaclyn (the mom), Heidi (an aunt of Kristin) and Lisa (Jaclyn’s caretaker who took the photo above) of how God has radically changed the lives of Jason and Kristin and that He has done so through the Good News of Jesus Christ. I shared the plan of salvation with them. We left them knowing we had planted some spiritual seeds and we pray that God will allow these seeds to grow into a spiritual harvest in their lives. They rejoiced and cried with us as they listened to what God has done for Kristin. It would be a great thing to rejoice with tears at what God has done in their lives too.

Would you please pray for these three women right now?

This pileated wood pecker has a tremendously loud call. I went out to investigate what was making all the noise and managed to get a few photos from a distance. It wasn’t easily scared but it did eventually fly off after Dayton somehow managed to scare it. At least he made it move to a slightly better spot for viewing but I didn’t get a really good shot of it.

We closed our time out here in Minnesota with an informal meeting with a few ladies who homeschool. We shared a bit of our ministry with them and some cultural and religious info about Mexico. We concluded with some Mexican tres leches cake.

The boys were spared the agony of another meeting or “staying out of the way” by the kind invitation from a brother from the church who took them fishing on his little lake with his two boys. Cameron and Dayton have never been fishing before so this was a first for them. Cameron caught 5 fish but only 2 were big enough to keep. Dayton caught two but only one was big enough to keep. I asked them if they put their own worms on and they said they didn’t. Apparently, Dayton (predictably) grossed out and Cameron (predictably) begged off since the boys were putting them on a special way and he didn’t know how to do that. Ha-ha…I don’t much care for worms either! I asked them if they took the fish off the hooks. Dayton (predictably) said, “No way!” Cameron (predictably) said, “I was going to but the hook was really far down in there and I couldn’t get it out.” So I asked them if they even TOUCHED the fish. You guessed it…nope. Hee-hee…what suburbanites we are. At least they don’t smell like fish and we can travel without that extra odor tomorrow.

Oh and the dad said that a neighbor came over as they were fishing and so he ran up to the house to get something and when he returned a few minutes later the boys were gone from the boat except for piles of clothes. They’d stripped down to their skivies and went swimming! Skivy-dipping! Ha-ha! They had a great time!

We thank God for the people and experiences we’re having on this trip and that the boys are enjoying themselves and their experiences. It’s very special to us that the boys enjoy all these travels in these few short weeks in the U.S. They need to know what it’s like here and as 3rd culture kids they sometimes don’t have a clue.

Thanks for praying for us. Tomorrow morning we pack up and head to Iron Mountain, MI. That’s just a stopover for our next destination, Traverse City, MI. We hope to get up Wednesday and visit the Iron Mountain Mine Museum. It’s just a few bucks apiece and we’d get to take an electric mining train down 500 feet underground and learn about how they made the iron mine and how they propped it all up with timbers and planks and such. It should be a great educational experience. Maybe we’ll get some photos of it if we get to do that.


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