H.A.R.T.U. #13 – Take Me Home, Country Roads

…to the place, I belong…West Virginia….

We arrived yesterday afternoon in one of the more unique states on the planet but we still like it anyway! Parkersburg is the location of our commissioning church, Bethel Baptist Church, and we enjoyed a dinner with some who were able to join us at Tim’s Root Beer and then shared for over an hour with the church body during their Wednesday evening service. It was a special time and we appreciated their hospitality, their interest in our ministry, and their encouraging comments.

We continue to be plagued by the same problem we suffer through back home in Mexico. Our book collection even here on the road is expanding like kudzu. I don’t know where they come from but pretty soon we’ll be riding on stacks of them. It might be about time to box up a few batches and ship them ahead of us back to Dallas. I am pretty sure that we are officially out of room for all the stuff we’ve already bought and stuff we’ve received along the way to get it all back to Mexico. We’ll see what or who doesn’t fit. 🙂

One thing we could mention is that we’ve been finding classroom sets of literature books that we can use with our literature circles this year. We’ve found some very good deals on eBay. We’ll be using ministry expense funds to pay for these books and if you’d like to contribute toward this project, let us know. We’d welcome your help! Thanks!

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