Architecture by Creatures and The Creator

The New River Gorge Bridge (West Virginia)

The boys seem to take turns being “bored” about whatever it is we’re doing that they don’t like. As typical brothers they often take the opposite side and mood of whatever the other one is currently exhibiting. Cameron was rather bored with this incredible bridge. It is the largest single span bridge in the Western Hemisphere and at one time, the entire world.

Today during our brief drive through the Smokies, Dayton declared, “I’m as bored as molasses in January.” That’s a new one!

We watched this black bear in the Smokies as we took a quick drive from Townsend back to Kodak, TN via Gatlinburg today. It was surprising how the bear casually ignored about 20 or 30 people gathered around above him with cars whizzing by as he plucked some apparently tasty leaves to eat.

I was about 30 feet from him/her when I took this photo. It moved to about 20 feet away and I decided it was time to hit the road and leave the other camera toting folks as the dessert options.

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