Your Prayers Appreciated

Beth has not been feeling well for about a week now and had some minor flu-like symptoms for a number of days. Her health has taken a turn for the worse and she appears to have either bronchitis or pneumonia. We’ve struck out with every doctor we’ve ever tried here who might be able to see her due to misdiagnoses or suggestions that were so off-base medically that we have no trust in them. So she is not interested in seeing a doctor, but she really needs to see a doctor.

Appreciate your prayers for her health and for either a lead on a good doctor or perhaps good advice from a doctor in Texas that I emailed this morning. He has been very helpful in the past. Beth wanted to self-medicate (since we can get most medicines upon request at pharmacies) but I’d prefer to be sure we’re on the right track with the right medication than to just guess out of the blue.

Thanks for praying.

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One Response to Your Prayers Appreciated

  1. How is Beth doing? Will be praying for her…I know how you feel about doctors, we feel about the same here…hope you find some good advice!


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