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Last year I thought about purchasing a motorcycle as an economical way to get around town and especially for teaching English classes at the community center. After much thought and some investigation, including a test ride on a co-worker’s motorcycle, I came to the conclusion that the conditions here are rather dangerous for motorcyclists, given the unpredictable road hazards that present themselves on any and every roadway here, the fact that I discovered that even after just a few minutes’ test ride my hips hurt so badly that I had trouble walking for a few days, and finally the unpredictable and poor driving habits of so many auto and truck drivers raise the risks even more so.

I was reminded of this today as I skimmed the online local newspaper and came across this headline photo for the police blotter…a motorcyclist who had a run-in with a car at an intersection (not sure who was at fault but I could easily imagine either one or both!). Either way…it looks terribly painful for the motorcyclist:


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What’s up? or rather, ¿Qué pasa? Hola, I’m Alan. I’m a missionary living in Mexico. We have a heart for MK Education and so we teach at a local Christian school with MK students as well as nationals and foreign students as well. I occasionally write or have a pic to share with you at my blog, Knowing Your ABCDs, which you can read with a click on the button above. You can read my blog with a click on the button above.
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2 Responses to Another Reminder

  1. the Forrys says:

    Have to agree that it can be rather hazardous. Have to wonder, however, if the motorcyclists ride the same way there as they do here in Nica. They ride as though they are invincible, swerving in and out of traffic, and oftentimes I think that when they get crushed in accidents it is because they are doing something incredibly reckless. In any case I love riding my cycle here, albeit with caution.


  2. you are correct on the cyclists' driving habits. many here also drive recklessly as if invincible. i almost smacked a guy once downtown here in San Juan on the main street. Traffic was pretty much bumper to bumper and I saw an angled parking space open so I pulled into it only to realize that a motorcyclist had been speeding down the street to the right of the traffic and he almost struck the back right side of my vehicle. Glad he managed to skid and swerve a bit to just miss us.


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