Magi on the Move

(If you’re just joining us for this latest episode in the “nativity scene saga,” you’d probably do well to back up to some older posts where this odd installment begins. Try here and work your way to the present. If that doesn’t help you, don’t say I promised it would.)

I’m still trying to figure out what the significance of the latest nativity scene makeover might be.

As you can see the magi have moved to a precarious position on the CD case opposite the manger scene. A step or two back and the magi risk fatal injuries from a fall from such height. A careless bump of the CD case by a passing A, B, C or D could also result in the same fate.

Aside from the risk of death, it is a curious thing that they didn’t leave their gifts with the baby Jesus but are still holding them. It is also curious that they seem to have an audience of animals now rather than huddling in reverent adoration of the Messiah. Are they intending to return to the manger scene? Did they forget to give their gifts when they were once conveniently there? Are they trying to talk to the animals? (Just how smart are these guys?!?) And what is the angel saying to the shepherd? Are Joseph and Mary grateful for the break from both men and animals? Are they disappointed that those rich men didn’t leave their fine gifts?

Lots of questions but few if any answers.

Perhaps what we can learn from this latest episode is that we should always remember to give our gifts…to give of ourselves if that’s what we’re called to give…when the opportunity arises and without hesitation. We never know what the next day may bring, nay, the next step within a day either. When God calls us to bring a gift, we should be quick to give it and to do so before we find that gift forged into our possessing hands and bodies (as these gifts appear to be with the magi).

After all, this baby would grow up to teach us that when giving, we should not let our left hand know what our right hand is doing. Thus, whatever God would have us to give, let’s give it without hesitation and before the opportunity falls away. Otherwise, we risk losing the opportunity and perhaps rather than giving generously to the King of Kings, we’ll be casting our pearls to the swine (or sheep…and a kudu).

I hope this has been a lesson well taken by all of us. And yes, I realize this is a stretch but hey, I’ve got to go with whatever the scene gives me and this one was a real challenge.

Until the next unplanned development in the nativity scene saga….


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1 Response to Magi on the Move

  1. Ellie says:

    I think Mary has the postpartum baby blues, so needed some time alone. The angel, of course, understands this, and the shepherd sort of gets it, although he wonders if she is just off her feed. The two of them are keeping the intellectual magi – who do NOT understand women- away for awhile. They took the pesky sheep and donkey, but left the cow in case Joseph wants to get some milk for the mother to drink.


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