Our 7 Senses

While discussing imagery and poetry with my 5th and 6th grade literature circle today, I asked my students how many senses we have. It went like this:

Brent: “SEVEN!”

(the rest of the students laughed and giggled but I cut them off and asked…)

Me: “Really?!? Seven? OK…could you go ahead and name all seven?”

Brent: (with a sheepish look that said, “Oh shoot…I know I just messed up but now I’m not really sure how many senses there are!” He then pointed to his eyes and said…) “Eyes.”

Me: “Eyes are a sense…really?!? Your eyeballs are a sense? Hmmm…maybe you mean ‘vision’…vision is a sense?”

Brent: “Well…yeah…vision. That’s what I mean.”

Me: “Go one…you’ve got 6 more!”

Brent: (pointing to his nose) “Your nose…ummm…I mean sense of smell…” (then pointing to his mouth) “….and talking….”

We lost it. That was the most insanely funny comment I think I’ve ever heard in a classroom before. And of all the kids I know (other than Cameron!), I’d have to say that maybe talking really is one of Brent’s senses! It’s like breathing for him!

I teased him the rest of the day, and we tried to come up with a few more senses so we could have an even 10!

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