Anyone Up For a Challenge?

As I’ve mentioned in recent posts, some very populated areas in and around Mexico City have been profoundly affected by recent heavy rains and flooding. A massive drainage canal broke and is still in the process of being repaired. Entire communities have been under water (about 80% rainwater and 20% sewage mixed) for over a week now. The governor of the state of Mexico (which surrounds the federal district (D.F.) states in the news today that between 80,000 and 100,000 people live in these areas that are still under water. Over 10,000 homes have been damaged by the flooding.

We have some very commendable co-workers who live within walking distance of the flooding, and along with the believers in their relatively new church plant, they have begun receiving financial contributions for a temporary relief outreach to a nearby community.

This past week they began purchasing bottle water and boxes of basic food stuffs (“dispensas”) for distribution. They also began a small food stand for preparing and distributing breakfast meals to members in that community (seen in the photos above). Most people in this community have suffered a great economic loss and are struggling to just get their lives back in order. This is very difficult to do when there is still a couple feet of smelly water in the first floor of one’s home. Yet, the people continue to slosh on and get to work, if they still have a place to work.

A day or so ago, I saw a TV interview with a woman who continues to go to her job inside Mexico City, but due to the flooding, she has to walk great distances each morning and night so she can reach a bus line that will take her to and from work. She said she has to walk 20 kilometers (not sure if she said each way or perhaps each day). Twenty kilometers is over 12 miles! The Mexican people are resilient and many are very hard workers. Of course, if you want to eat today, you work today.

So, back to the outreach efforts….

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There is still a need for financial contributions for providing boxes of bottled water, food, cleaning supplies and meals. These efforts to meet basic physical needs are part of a very important and visible effort to gain some visibility for believers who are often viewed as a part of a foreign religion that should be avoided. Gaining the confidence of those who are in need is a first step in gaining a hearing for the Gospel. Personal trust is so very important in this culture before introducing the Good News. The opportunity there right now is tremendous and with a few thousand dollars, many spiritual bridges can be built for sharing the divine bridge of grace from God to man.


I’d like to challenge you to financially support this outreach effort. I know there are lots of special causes and needs in the world today, but as I evaluate and compare them, I see that this cause is not just helping hungry and thirsty people have food and water, but these things will be distributed by the hands of believers who have a great concern for the spiritual needs of the people to whom they’re ministering. Seeds of the Gospel will be planted and I believe God will use these efforts to bring new believers into the family of God…our family. I can’t think of any other special cause worthy of my support.

I would like to see $500 raised through those who read our ministry/family blog to help with this outreach.

I am willing and ready to give sacrificially up to $250. I’d like for one or more persons to provide another $250.

Would you match my gift or part of it?

If you’re willing to give toward this project, would you let me know by email of your intention and the amount you want to give so I can keep track of the contribution challenge?

My email address without the parentheses is (amcmanus(at)

[to help prevent potential spam I’ve changed the “@” to “at” in my address and placed it within the parentheses]

To give via check and snail mail the address and info is as follows:

CAM International
8625 La Prada Dr.
Dallas, TX 75228

Make your check payable to “CAM International” and CAM’s Emergency Relief fund number is #062250. Put this number on the memo line, with a note that it’s for the flooding in Mexico.

You can also give online on CAM International’s web site at the following link:

CAM International – Donate Online

CAM has a secure and convenient web page for giving electronically via credit card or Paypal. This method works well and the only information you’ll need aside from your credit card or Paypal information is the following:

“Donation Amount” (enter amount in US Dollars)
“Donation Frequency” (select: Special gift- One time)
“Specific Project” (enter project number: 062250)

Then choose your payment option and enter the applicable information for the option you choose. This should be a tax-deductible contribution. I’ve actually given via the credit card method and it worked flawlessly and I received an email confirmation from CAM within a few minutes of completing the above.

The following is an attractive Gospel invitation being given out in this relief effort.

Is it true that He loves me?

“…inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.”

Jesus (Matthew 25:40)


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