Monday, Tuesday, Wingsday…

You must know that I like certain foods…don’t we all?  Here in San Juan del Rio, we’ve found very few places to eat that we like.  Three to be exact.  One would think that in a city with a population of probably near 400,000 people that there would be lots of eating establishments worth trying and liking.  Unfortunately (or maybe it is a good thing), there are just a few.  I’m not including the tamale place b/c that’s only in the evening and it’s only take-out.

There’s a great steak/Mexican dining place called El Corral de La Vaca, a home restaurant only for lunch that I guess is called Doña Meches (after the matriarch of the family and the head cook), and a new place I think I’ve mentioned before, Wings Army, which is a chicken wings place with a U.S. military motif.

Wings Army is a chain here in Mexico and surprisingly has a very authentic American flavor.  Of course, it has flavors like Tamarind which is a Mexican taste, but there are some mildly hot wings which taste quite like in the USA.  My fellow ministry team men have discovered that Wings Army is a great place for us to gather like men (uhmmm…not like we could gather like women, right?!?) and enjoy some hot wings and cold Cokes and talk.  It’s a great privilege for us to have something like this where we can get away from ministry and family for a couple hours and just eat and fellowship and maybe even pour out some struggles or plans or triumphs.

During the week, Wings Army, has a couple of specials on certain days.  On Wednesdays, it’s buy 20 wings, get 10 wings free.  This works great for 3 guys to have 10 wings apiece.  It works even greater for two or four guys (we double it) to have 15 wings apiece!  Due to this Wednesday special, it’s becoming a weekly tradition for two, three or four of us to get together and enjoy this special treat.  Because it falls on Wednesday, I’ve begun calling it “Wingsday.”  I think the name is beginning to stick.

Today, Brock, Tim and I were able to continue our Wingsday tradition.  Last week, Cameron even joined us which was nice to have him along to be with the men.  I think we’ll have him join us as often as possible.  It’s great for him…and he likes the food too. 

Oh…back to today…when we were taking our seats the waiter said (in Spanish), “You were the ones who gave me that World Cup schedule weren’t you?  You wouldn’t have another one, would you?”  Now that was great to hear.  Sad thing, none of us had any on us, but Tim shot up out of his seat and said, “I’ve got some in the truck.”  He came back with a small stack of them.  I noticed the owner had put them right on the little bar.  Is that great or what?  Sure they’re the World Cup brackets/schedule, but the Gospel message is right on the other side, plus an invitation to request a free Bible study.  They’re going to have those there for patrons to take!  I’m still a little giddy over this.  Some places would not appreciate the Gospel message on them and so I’m surprised this happened.

Who knows?  Maybe someone will take one of these tracts from the Wings Army bar table, and the Holy Spirit will cultivate the seed of God’s Word from the Gospel presentation on the back of that World Cup schedule, and that person may eventually receive Christ as his/her Savior and forever partake of eternal life in heaven, and all because of a tract at Wings Army.  That’s a cool thought. 

Who would have thought that heaven could taste like chicken?

I suspected it all along.


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