Please Pray for Jason

I’m working on our May email update but am taking a quick break from that to ask you to pray for Jason and his father. 

It’s a complicated story to explain and I don’t quite understand it entirely.  What I do understand is that in their ongoing effort to properly register the family’s old pickup truck, they’ve gotten themselves into an awkward position of not having any license plates or documents for the truck, but needing to drive the truck a few hours away to another state to finish the process of getting them. 

Somewhere in the process a family member (an aunt in another state) tried to get the plates in her state (Michoacan) but found it too difficult.  The truck was brought back to San Juan del Rio to try to get the plates in this state (Queretaro).  That effort failed and now the officials in Michoacan insist on seeing this truck in person tomorrow in Michoacan. 

This leads to the current situation of someone needing to drive the truck (without plates) to that state in the middle of the night with hopes of not getting stopped by any number of varieties of police (local, state, federal) or by the military.  Should they get to their destination, they’re expecting to get the required sticker and plates on the vehicle tomorrow.  It will be the first time in several years that the truck will have been properly documented.  I asked Jason about the possibility of towing the truck over to Michoacan but it would cost far more than they could afford.

The problem for Jason is that he and his dad are the only ones in the family here who know how to drive.  The truck actually belongs to Jason’s dad but it’s sort of a “community vehicle” for the family, since they’re too poor to own more than this one old truck (about 15-20 years old).  However, Jason’s dad doesn’t see well enough at night to drive.  So, Jason needs to drive his dad over to Michoacan starting about 3 a.m. on Monday morning (just a few hours from now).  Should they get stopped without their papers and plates, they will be in for some intense problems.  At best, they’ll have to pay a lot of money for the police to let them go.  However, if it happens once, the police will often alert the police down the road and they’ll likely get stopped multiple times.  It would be a horrible situation for them.

Would you take a moment and pray that God will spare Jason and his dad from getting stopped by any officials as they take this truck to get the proper documentation? 

Apparently, the aunt who lives in Michoacan (not a believer) caused this situation through not being truthful to the officials.  As Jason pointed out, this is a “reap what you sow” situation, but unfortunately for him, he didn’t sow the misdeed, his aunt did.  It’s possible that through needing to help his family with moving this truck, he may be the one to reap the consequence of that sin.  Seems unfair but we live in a world of injustices.

As it is, even without any problems on this trip, he’ll lose a day of work (which is risky and costly for a factory worker here) and his dad will also end up losing extra salary at his work, since he’ll not only miss at least a half-day from work (best-case scenario), but he also receives a higher penalty because he’s a supervisor.

What a mess.  All we could do is pray for the best to come out of this and that they wouldn’t be stopped along the way.  Would you pray for that too?  Thanks for reading this and for praying.

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