CAMBOY is 12!

Yesterday, Cameron turned 12.  He is just about a teenager.  His body already is there.  He’s still a smiley, fun-loving kid just like when he first joined our family.  He ended up with some nice presents…some money, a BB gun pistol with plastic BBs (he LOVES this), a t-shirt to match his daddy’s (the Mexican piñata league t-shirt I posted last week; not sure where Grandma Hanna found that one), plus the bicycle I bought him a few months ago was a present from his Grandpa & Grandma McManus.  He made out very well for a 12th birthday.

We celebrated yesterday with his favorite lunch, Mom’s meatloaves and mashed potatoes.  He didn’t want a cake or anything else.  We’ll take him and a couple of his buddies to a water park this Saturday for the rest of his celebration.  The water park was the one thing he really asked for so that’s what we’ll do.

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One Response to CAMBOY is 12!

  1. Beth Hanna says:

    You gotta admit, he was a darling baby!! Still awful cute in so many ways!


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