Puppies & Piñatas

That is puppies AND piñatas…no…we did not use puppies AS piñatas.  The puppies were cute…so were the little ones holding them.

Cameron got his whacks too, but this time he did not bring it down.  One of our enthusiastic guests from New Orleans was the eventual champion.  He really started beating it once it fell.  I don’t think it occurred to him right off that beating the stuffing out of the thing has a tendency to pulverize the goodies inside, but I think they stopped him before that happened.  It was funny though.  
Below was the final blow that brought it down.

Dayton gets a few whacks…he got a little too silly about it and fell on the rocky soil there so he quit his turn in search of some water and a band-aid. 

I picked up a cold this week…sinus gunk, headaches, very tired…this was my preferred approach to the party. 

Heather Hower’s parents, and her brother and his family came to visit for the week from New Orleans.  We wanted to have some time as a team to fellowship with them and get to know them and introduce ourselves to them. 

The piñatas were for the birthdays of one of Heather’s visiting nephews who turned 12 a couple days before, and also for Cameron who turned 12 the day after the party (yesterday).  Little Bethany O. also shared a birthday with Cameron yesterday.  So, we had 2 piñatas…I guess we could have had 3 of them.


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