GWnsYM – We Swam Across and Walked Around Texas Today

Nothing exciting to report yet, unless you think it’s exciting to drive across Texas from east to west.  That sentiment doesn’t really come to my mind!

We’re in Kerrville, TX tonight and probably the most notable item of the day is that this motel has a pool in the shape of Texas and also a hot tub next to it in the shape a rose…inset into a decorative pattern meant to be the star of Texas.  Pretty cool.  We let the boys use the rose-shaped hot tub but made Dayton get out before he turned the jacuzzi into the “Yellow Rose of Texas.”  The bathroom was just inside the pool entrance area, if you catch my drift.

Cameron, Dayton and I all walked around the pool at least once.  We were pretty impressed that we managed to walk around the perimeter of Texas in less than one day!

Praise God for another good day of travel.  We were stopped by a small town deputy police in a small town about 100 miles north of McAllen.  Our state inspection sticker expired in July.  We’re within the law by not having it renewed at this point in time.  In fact, we can’t get the inspection done because it can only be done in the Dallas area due to the specific emissions requirements for testing that don’t exist anywhere else in the state.  Technically, due to our residence in Mexico and absence from the country, we have until up to three days AFTER we finally arrive in the Dallas area to get the car inspected, which means we’ll not be getting that inspection done until the end of September.  Until then, I guess we’re fair game to be pulled over anytime an officer wants to check us out.  Fortunately, we’re on the interstate for most of the rest of our time in Texas so it’s not real likely we’ll be spied out frequently or easily while in the middle of nowhere.

Tomorrow we continue the long Texas drive and have a reservation in Pecos, TX home of the first rodeo in history.  I’m not planning on trying any rodeo moves but I do hope to swim bareback in the pool.  🙂  It’s 100 degrees across the state and we’re swimming like fish along this stretch of our trip.  In about 10 days we’ll cross over into the mild temps of central Colorado…and I doubt we’ll be swimming much then.


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