GWnsYM – On To Idaho and Washington

Well, you’ve seen the pics from Yellowstone.  Amazing place, isn’t it?  On Wednesday (tomorrow) we had to the western edge of Idaho and then continue on to visit with supporters on Thursday in south, central Washington.  We’re anxious to get moving further west.  Mostly because once we hit the Pacific, we’ll have gone as far west as we can and THEN every segment of the trip will be one segment closer to home.  I think we’re all enjoying the trip but still dreaming of being in our own beds and the routine of home.

Today, we drove through Yellowstone National Park for the 2nd and last time.  We came up close to just a smidgen of snow on the side of a mountain peak we were rounding and I found a pullover very close by so we could jump out, run down the narrow highway, cross the highway, scramble up the rocks and downed trees so we could touch a little bit of snow.  Only Dayton wanted to join me.  I can’t imagine why the others didn’t.  😉

We made it and brought back about a tablespoon of snow.  Dayton was going to grab some in his hand and take it back to the car so he could show Cameron but I explained to him that the snow would be melted by the time you get it back there.  So, I put my little bit on a small rock, and Dayton put his snow on a piece of rotted tree. 

Dayton was thrilled with having touched it.  He claims he remembers the last time he saw snow when he went sledding in Ohio.  That would have been when he was 2 1/2 years old.  He’s 9 now.  I didn’t really believe he remembered this but he gave several very distinct descriptions of the scene and so I guess he really does remember.  Both boys want to see enough snow to go sledding but I don’t know if we’ll ever be in a place with that kind of snow before they grow up and are out on their own.  Only God knows.

Cameron wouldn’t get out of the car to go touch the snow so I made a little snowball out of my bit and pegged him with it right through the window!  Ha-ha!  He took it well, except for the part where he tried to smear it all into the back of my head.  Fortunately, it wasn’t much!

Yellowstone was incredible.  We’ve been truly blessed to have had the chance to see the place, even if for less than 2 days.  Our visit has created memories that will last in our family for a lifetime.  I hope you may also get a chance to visit Yellowstone if you have never been out there.  There’s no other place like it on earth.


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1 Response to GWnsYM – On To Idaho and Washington

  1. Ellie says:

    Head up one of those big mountains when you are out that way – Baker in Washington or Hood in Oregon. Both would have enough snow even in September to get a few runs of sledding in. Might be short sled run, but there would be enough.


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