GWnsYM – I-40

Our “Go West (not so) Young Man” home assignment/vacation/retreat is nearing an abrupt end.  We’re still over 2, 000 miles away from home but making rapid progress in that direction.  It is sad to see the wonderful experience end, but we’re all anxious to be home and back to work/ministry.

As we travel a few more days in uncharted territory for our experiences, I was oddly happy to see the beginning of I-40.  Not just because that means we’re really heading back east in a big way, but because I’ve driven large distances of I-40 back East in North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas, but I’ve never driven it in the West.  Not only that, but today, we drove on the very end of I-40 in the West.  I assume this Interstate was built from east to west.  I had Beth take a couple pics through the windshield.

The white dot in the bottom two pics is the moon, in case you were wondering.  I noticed the razor wire over the I-40/I-15 signs on the overpass.  That was the only place I had noticed such protection.  I suspect the I-40 sign is something of a souvenir right there at the very beginning of it…or not.  I don’t really know why the wire but it seemed logical to me that someone might consider pilfering the signage at that point.

The sunset was beautiful this evening.  Great job Dad!  (i.e. our heavenly Father)

Good news is that there is finally heavy rain in the forecast.  We’ve only seen a stray shower since leaving San Juan del Rio on August 15.  That’s 5 1/2 weeks without seeing any real rain.  The bad news is that tomorrow we’ve been planning on viewing the Grand Canyon.  Not sure if we’ll see much if it’s raining hard.  Hoping the rain is delayed a bit…otherwise…we’ll give thanks in everything.  We already packed up the luggage tonight just in case it’s pouring in the morning. 


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  1. Ellie says:

    I always thought the razor wire was to prevent people from writing on the signs, but theft might be more likely.I feel the same about other interstates having driven them so often. Haven't done I40 since I was a kid, but on recent home leaves we've done I90, I80, and I70. I ought to try I40 again, but we tend to come in the summer and the more northern routes are a little cooler then!Enjoy the drive and the rain!


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