9,765 miles down, 0 miles to go (i.e. we’re HOME!)

I posted this on my Facebook on Saturday but haven’t had time to catch up the blog with the fact that we did arrive home safely that evening.  We are so appreciative of the many who prayed with us for our safety on this trip.  It was one of the smoothest border return trips we’ve ever experienced.  While dangerous scenes dominated the news for nearby Matamoros with the Mexican Marines killing a cartel figure on Friday, our route was completely quiet.  The new bypass which was open some time ago and then closed a few months ago was now re-opened.  That was a huge blessing as we were able to avoid entering Reynosa which has been admittedly out of government control for many months now.

So, we’re happy to be home and have been settling in the past two days.  There are lots of little things that keep popping up but we’re knocking them out as quickly as we can.  I’ve already replaced one leaky bathroom faucet and almost fixed one toilet tank mechanism.  Have I ever mentioned that I really dislike plumbing jobs?  Well, so far so good, and for the most part water is on when it’s supposed to be, off when it’s supposed to be, and best of all…I didn’t somehow manage to electrocute myself.  I’m telling you…homemade plumbing is a dangerous thing!  This house was sort of homemade by the owner, so you never know what you’re getting into for what seems like simple repairs.  I’m not kidding!

A pounding on our front gate this evening helped us to discover that our front gate doorbell switch is shot.  I figure someone came by looking for us in the past few weeks, and with no one here, they probably thought we weren’t hearing the doorbell or were ignoring it, so they must have kept hitting it until they broke it.  I can see how someone might think this would be effective in getting someone to show up at the gate.  So, at least it’s not plumbing that I’ll get to do tomorrow.  Oh great…I get to mess with electric wires!  Hope I don’t somehow burst a pipe in the process.  I jest, but one never really knows just what might be connected to the wiring or the water system here.  It’s simply a wonder of the world because I usually am left in wonder after seeing the pipes or the wires or whatever.

Looking forward to catching up with Jason and Kristin soon.  Kristin will be coming over in the morning.  We’ve sure missed sharing in their lives and helping them in their walk with the Lord.  Should be a good time tomorrow morning when she comes over…which by the way is not long from now so I’d better get this posted and get off to bed. 

Oh, and I had a couple of co-workers over tonight to sort of watch the Monday Night Football game.  We don’t really watch the game that much.  We enjoyed some great conversation and a few laughs.  It was good to get together.  OK…that’s all I’m going to share for tonight.

Except…for a photo I snapped on our drive through the mountains near Ciudad Victoria of an accident scene we passed.  A tractor trailer was sort of falling down the mountain side and half wedged near the roadway.  That was the only accident scene we saw on this trip (praise God for that).  Didn’t look too bad as accidents tend to go on these highways. 

I sometimes wonder how some of these accidents could have happened if everyone would simply drive prudently.  I was saying something to that effect as we slowly passed by this scene with the flow of traffic at about 20 mph.  There were people standing around and cones in the roadway, etc.  Just then a little red car came flying down the mountain from behind me and flew right down the middle of the roadway at about 60 mph and passed the line of cars we were in while hurtling mostly down the oncoming lane.  Oh…that’s how these things happen.  Now we know.  Argghhh!


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