Florida and Back

Sorry for the silent blog lately.  Our trip to FL the 12th to the 20th kept us occupied.  The travel and the visits went very well.  Dad is doing better.  Mom mentioned several times how he is eating better and was more active and talkative during our short visits throughout the week than he’d been for several months.  We also enjoyed visits with both of my sisters and three of my nieces.  What a treat!

We tried to fit in as many yummy treats as possible too…ice cream and hamburgers seemed to be high on the list.  I have to admit Five Guys makes a tasty burger.  We spent several nights on the beach but mostly because it was the same price as staying anywhere else.  We didn’t get to walk on the beach but twice, but I know I thoroughly enjoyed the walks.  While I’m not much for the water, I love the sound of the waves, the breeze, the smell of the ocean, and hunting for shells and anything unusual.  Very relaxing.

When with my folks, we got so busy with things I forgot to even take any pics with them.  I did take a shot of my oldest sister with Mom.  That will have to do!

Seeing the Space Shuttle Endeavor launch right from our balcony (about 50 miles away from the launch) was a small highlight.  We splurged and took the boys to Wet ‘n Wild in Orlando on our last day which everyone enjoyed, especially the boys. Glad we could fit that in.  We also found some much-needed shoes and clothes for these two sprouts.  Always hard to anticipate what the next size up in shoes will be for Cameron.  I think we did take a stab at size 11 after much debate.

We arrived back Friday night and jumped back into the thick of things.  I taught a new ESL class on Saturday (which I had to prep for Saturday morning!), a 4 1/2 hour translation job with Jason, and then prep for our Sunday morning Bible study & fellowship!  We had everyone stay for lunch and enjoyed sharing a meal of tinga on tostadas (or flour tortillas in my case).  Delicious!  I think all 17 of us were full of both food and friendship.

The 9 kids with Beth in Sunday school seemed to have enjoyed their class and craft given the adults never heard from them throughout our 2 hour session (that’s never happened before!), and the 6 remaining adults considered the important points of Romans 14.  (kid #10 took her normal port-a-crib nap)

Here are a few pics from our trip:

 (*the only reason I got this shot of Cameron was I finally told him the camera was broken.  OK, I confess…I lied.  hee-hee!)

 For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.”
2 Chronicles 16:9

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2 Responses to Florida and Back

  1. dbecker says:

    So glad you got to be in FL with family. Happy readjusting to "normal"!


  2. Beth Hanna says:

    Great pictures! Maybe I´ll get to see some more.


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