Summertime is Here

Inviting isn’t it?

 Those strawberries could be really yummy or practically deadly.  Anyone want to give them a try?  We don’t know anyone who has yet!  (believe me…when you’ve had strawberries washed in tainted water, you will probably never take that risk twice!)

The town is busier than ever in the two adjacent plazas on weekends.  These shots were taken last Sunday evening as we took a long walk with our guests in ministry the past 10 days.

I’ve so far somehow managed to not get a photo of Martin and Rubi Sweaney while they’ve been here, but maybe I’ll do better next week.  They left this morning for some ministry in Salamanca and will be back Tuesday for a few more days.  We’ve enjoyed having them.  Martin is a great guest…I’m too slow in the morning to get the coffee made, and he’s done a great job of making it for us!  I can’t complain!

We’ve decided to call it a school year for now and are giving the boys and ourselves some welcome break from schoolwork.  They’ve finished all but some extra writing I want to do with them.  The writing  will wait…hoping their literacy won’t wait.  Actually, we received the results for their Stanford Achievement Tests and they performed better than all their previous years so far!  They’re catching up in their language as becoming more bi-lingual has put a drag on their spelling and structural development.  They scored no less than the average range on everything and are edging up into the above average ranges in many areas.

We hope to see them turn into Lake Wobegon kids before they finish high school!

Today was my third English class of six at the community center.  I hadn’t felt too great about the first two sessions, so I spent a few extra hours trying to figure out how to approach the book we’re using and to come up with a better lesson.

When I drove across town to the community center, I felt very comfortable with my plan today.  I walked in and discovered that I had three new students for a total of six.  None of them are from the church and that is very much what we’re trying to accomplish in making new, unsaved contacts.

To my chagrin, no one in the class had the textbook we’re using for the class, and we have no more to sell them.  That messed up most of my lesson plan for the day, but the one worksheet that I put together was plenty to work with for the hour.  We had some good conversational practice and they were definitely involved and paying attention even though they varied in ages from about ten to forty-something.  I’m looking forward to our final two lessons for this segment of classes.  I hope we’ll be able to resume classes in August after taking a break during the school summer break which is mostly just the month of July.

There is plenty more happening around here but hey, this is the summer.  No sense in getting too wound up over details.  Enjoy some watermelon, sit on a wooden bridge and drag your toes through a chilly creek, and remember the time when summer was all about doing anything but chores, school, and work.

Wasn’t that nice?

Now snap out of it.  There’s a lot to do!
(I remember hearing something similar in my childhood summers too!)


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1 Response to Summertime is Here

  1. Beth Hanna says:

    Actually you do know TWO people who have tried the strawberries and are still alive: Son in law Mike and me! They were delicious!


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