A New Study – Part 2

This is a follow-up on our study with Emmanuel and Mari Cruz on Wednesday.

Beth and I studied with this couple Wednesday evening.  We began an evangelistic study of Romans using a simple study her dad, Ken Hanna, created years ago and is available online at www.obererofiel.com for free download (as all their downloads are free).

The story gets even more interesting as it turns out they had already made professions of faith about 2 weeks ago under the evangelistic outreach of some other believers who live in the center of town somewhere.  We don’t know them and don’t know who they are exactly.  Nonetheless, because of our relationship with Jason, Emmanuel’s older brother, and Kristin, they feel more comfortable studying with us since they don’t know these other folks either.

So, the short version of this story is that this couple will be joining us on Sunday mornings now for our weekly Bible study with Jason, Kristin, and the O’Briens.  Jenny and her kids are in the USA for the summer.  Since this couple doesn’t speak English we’re making a change to Spanish.

Kristin’s Spanish has improved a lot in the past couple years and is probably better than mine.  Due to doing so much of our ministry in English my bad Spanish has gotten rusty.  With beginning a Wednesday night study with them in Spanish and switching our Sunday mornings to Spanish, I hope I can shake off the rust and expose my bad Spanish once more!  Well, maybe it will get better.  I only said one inappropriate thing on Wednesday night as I was mentally translating something from English to Spanish and came up with a doozie in Spanish.  I don’t remember what it was…so watch out.  I might make that mistake twice, whatever it was!

We praise God for their recent professions of faith.  We certainly are anxious to see evidence of spiritual fruit and growth in their lives.  Due to the tremendous and tragic situation that came about in their family that centered largely around them, we’re also praying that their professions of faith are genuine and not any sort of human response engineered to create a change in their family’s feelings about them.  At the same time, they surely have experienced the “pit of despair” and God often uses such experiences to bring lost sinners to come to faith and dependence upon Him.  We pray that this is what is happening with them.

We appreciate your prayers for them and for Jason and Kristin as they’ve struggled with the family situation too and how to respond.  They are learning a valuable lesson on how Christ wants us to love those who have done unlovely things, especially those who are closest to us.  It’s a challenge for them.  Pray for them too that they’ll live and respond the Calvary way with love and forgiveness.

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