Big D Turns the Big 10…1-0…TEN…X…iiiiiiiiii

Dayton, a.k.a  Big D, Doo-Boy, D-Boy, Baby-D, and probably a few more names that are more descriptive of his true nature (e.g. Monkey) celebrated a decade of life on Thursday.

His party has had to wait until Friday evening when we could scrounge up some buddies to enjoy a sleepover with him.  Dayton has 5 other MK boys planning on enjoying an evening and night of ten-year old rowdiness and silliness and near-ADD experiences.

The older brother will spend said evening and night trying to maintain some distance from the cloud of dust, while two parents will be alternating between contentment through observing the glee of a boy full of life and joy of friends to remembering that we’re not the party animals that we never were and will be resisting the urge to count down the hours until they all go home again…but not being entirely successful in our futile attempts to do so.

Ah well…sometimes you just gotta let your hair down (until you remember there isn’t enough hair left to “let down”), let the kids be kids, and figure out how to recover at a later time.  🙂

We love our stinker-pot and hope his next 10 years will be even better than the first 10…and those were pretty good ones.

His birthday presents have consisted of small plastic toys that he constructs into things, then destroys, then scatters the parts around the house, and then constructs them again with all the parts that he’s able to recover.  He was pretty happy about receiving them.  He also received a small oil painting set to which he commented, “Maybe I won’t be able to do that.”  Nothing like a positive spirit.

His cake is a “Ben 10” theme.  If you don’t know what “Ben 10” is, you’re luckier than I am.  🙂  It’s a cartoon and character who has a two-toned button on his shirt and when he touches it and maybe says something, the boy, Ben, turns into one of 10 different creatures so that he can fight the “bad guys.”

I’m not sure why he chose the “Ben 10” theme.  I haven’t noticed him watching this show much over the past year, if at all.  However, the abundance of piñatas in the market gave us the choices of Barbie, Sponge-Bob, Cinderella, Barney (and who wouldn’t like to beat the snot…ummm…I mean candy…out of Barney?!), and similar offerings, mostly feminine;  thus, Ben-10 was the best option available and the cake should match the piñata, right?

Nonetheless, I can see why the Ben-10 theme is attractive to Dayton, although I’ve never known him to require such a button to turn into one of a variety of creatures.  He’s pretty good himself at transforming into different characters with little apparent effort.  We even like some of them.  Speaking of which…if I don’t post these photos now and get to bed (since it’s now well after midnight), I just might turn into a creature of sorts myself…probably will do so by morning wake-up time.  Buenos nachos and good night!

Enjoy the pics…

D-Boy today and his cake for the party on Friday are above…
…and a quick walk through the past 10 years (in case two pics just aren’t enough!)

…now wasn’t that fun?!?
Happy Birthday Big D!

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  1. Happy Birthday Dayton!! Have tons of fun at your party!Elia and Josie want to see a picture of a 10 year old Dayton with spaggeti all over his face. I don't know if it would be as cute as the baby pictures. Maybe you can post a mordida picture!Love you, the Livo's


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