Home Assignment Trip 2011 – Update 1

Someone this past weekend said something about following our trip updates on our blog and it dawned on me that I guess I’d better get on the stick and start posting trip updates!

Tonight we’re safely parked and holed up somewhere in Memphis off of I-40.  No Elvis sightings yet but we’re OK with that.  Really.
To sum up the trip so far:
Last Friday we drove up to Laredo, TX and encountered no problems or anything particular to note.  It was a perfectly boring border trip for which we were very grateful.  Thanks for praying us through the war zone.
On Saturday we drove to Dallas and again there was really nothing particular to note.  Somehow we did find ourselves at the Collin Street Bakery store along I-35.  (see here: http://www.collinstreet.com/)  My mother should be in for a very nice birthday present any day now.  If you don’t know this bakery, it makes the best fruit cakes in the world.  I know what you’re thinking, but speaking of fruit cakes, I can assure you that I am no where near as good as these are.  🙂  I am not actually a fan of fruit cake but these really are tasty.  I didn’t taste any though.  Too expensive!  Upon arrival in Dallas, we even made it to Kohls to look for some decent clothes for the boys to wear at our church visits.  Nothing like clothes shopping after driving 1,100 miles.
By Sunday we were ready to crash and enjoyed some extra sleep.  We ended up needing to continue our search for clothes and shoes for the boys.  We finally came up with what we were looking for, or at least close enough.  It sure took enough stores!  
A quick trip through Half-Price Books apparently was necessary to come up with some books for the rest of the trip.  Dayton was disappointed to not find any books he was looking for.  He did find a Hank the Cowdog book but it was a hardback version and we weren’t about to pay $7.50 for a used, hardback Hank book.  Interestingly, a teenage gal was looking for a book in the section we were perusing.  I helped her get a book off the top of the shelves but it wasn’t the book she was looking for.  A few minutes later as I told Dayton that I guess we hadn’t found a book that he could get, this gal shoved a crumpled $10 bill into his hand and said, “Here.  You get that book.”  We stood there barely able to say “thank-you” and she was gone.  It was an odd moment but for whatever reason this gal wanted to gift Dayton with a very nice “random act of kindness.”
Yesterday, we packed it in and headed out to Wills Point, TX for a visit with our co-workers and former co-San Juan-ites, the Yingling family.  What a treat to spend some time with our good friends.
That pretty much sums up the trip to this moment.  Not terribly exciting stuff.  That’s OK too.  We’re glad to be on our way and to be knocking out some miles and finally out of Texas.
Tomorrow we have a shorter drive that sets us up for a quick Thursday visit to see Mammoth Cave National Park.  We really don’t have any other visits like this one planned on our schedule so we’re looking forward to an educational element to our travel.  I haven’t been to Mammoth Cave for many years, perhaps since when I was a kid about Dayton’s age.  It will be great to take them to a place I remember from my own childhood.
Check back soon for Update 2.  I suspect I’ll get some photos to add soon.  Wedding on Saturday!

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  1. Your banner picture looks great! Glad you are having safe travels so far. Can't wait to see all of you really soon.


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