Chattanooga Scenes

On our way out of Tennessee we couldn’t resist a quick diversion to downtown Chattanooga (a.k.a. Chattaboogie and Chattanooger and Chatty) where we walked across the Tennessee River over the Walnut Street Bridge and visited a favorite pizza place (Mellow Mushroom).

The leaves were just beginning to turn.  We were a little early for peak colors but seeing red and yellow leaves has been such a treat.  I remember seeing the Delta Queen on the Ohio River as a kid.  On one of those occasions, my family and I watched from just a few feet away as it traversed the Cannelton Locks.  I remember a passenger at the front of the boat stepping off as the boat moved through the lock and then stepping back onto the Delta Queen just before he became a new local resident.

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One Response to Chattanooga Scenes

  1. LaDonna says:

    Hey! how come we weren't featured in one of these ABCD things. After all, we had you for a week! BTW, the leaky shower is still not leaking. 🙂 Blessings!!!


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