Home Assignment Update – Travel Day Ohio

We left Parkersburg, WV today encouraged and blessed and with a little tiredness after a few days of constant activity and numerous conversations and presentations.  It was great.

I left this day as a travel day as we head to Traverse City, MI.  It’s about 550 miles and some folks might do that in one day but I wanted to leave it open to whatever we felt up to doing.  With the rain and heavy winds (gusting 40 mph) and getting packed up and saying goodbye at nearly noon, we were all content to turn in at Findlay, OH after only 4.5 hours on the road.  Tomorrow we’ll still have about 6 hours of driving.
We’re in a very comfortable room and enjoying a few hours of down time with the boys.
This hotel has a nice indoor/outdoor pool and Dayton and I spent some time enjoying the pool and the hot spa as well.  In the pool Dayton had his first experience of swimming under the divider and popping up outside with a 40 degree temperature and strong, gusty winds.  
We played a few games.  One was a simple swimming race from inside to the outside wall.  I gave him a good head start but even as a poor swimmer, I beat him handily.  
He said, “You only won because I’m so slow.”  
Yup, that’s my smart homeschooled kid!
We then played tag and he was having a hard time tagging me.  Finally, he feigned injury (which didn’t work) and then he raised his arms and said mournfully, “I need a hug.”  Nope.  Didn’t fall for that one either, but I did get some good laughs.

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