Good Eats

After our visit to Blue Spring State Park we stopped in at a local Puerto Rican restaurant to try the combo of the day: beef steak with 2 sides and a drink.  We love flattened, fried plantains called “tostones” and so we got 2 orders of those for the sides.  We would have tried more tastes there but the boys were wanting to try New York style pizza down the road which was pretty good, but nothing nearly as good as the foods at Lelo’s BBQ ( 

Our sister-in-law, Esme, is Puerto Rican and makes awesome tostones.  I think hers are even better than these, but hey, these were available, and today, they were delicious.
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One Response to Good Eats

  1. Colleen says:

    oh man, i LOVE to stones…we hope to make them for Zach's bday today, yum!


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