A Nose For Flowers

I surprised someone with flowers today!  No, it wasn’t Bethie.  It was the flower lady at the market!  She wanted to know if we wanted to put a card on the flowers and Bethie said, “No, they’re for me!”

Well, I prefer my lady to have the flower arrangement she really likes, not the pathetic arrangement that I would have picked out.

Perk #10,458 for living in Mexico: this arrangement ON Valentine’s Day cost less than $20 (and all the guys out there know how UNIMPORTANT price is for such things…but I still wanted to mention it…lol)

Speaking of price…there is no quantity of money in the whole-wide world that compares to the love I have for “mi amor.”  I love you Beth!

I think the song below illustrates my point…you may want to grab a box of tissues before viewing.

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2 Responses to A Nose For Flowers

  1. krislivo says:

    Alan, you are so romantic it makes me want to hurl.


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