The Ingenuity of Mexican Construction…Kind of Like God’s

On Wednesday, I accompanied my team leader, Brock, in taking our teammates (the Bryan Smith family) to Texcoco which is on the northeast side of Mexico City.  This was the first time I had been in this area and to the house of Rollie and Joann Smith who hosted us for lunch and who are hosting Bryan and his family for the night before they fly to the USA Thursday morning for a 5 month home assignment.

(Their 12 year old, Kendra, discovered this evening that she has chicken pox!  Pray for her and the family as they travel today (Thursday).  Sounds like a miserable travel condition.  I sat by Kendra in the truck for 3 hours and again at lunch…hmmm.  Shingles would not be a lot of fun either!)

After lunch, on our way back to San Juan del Río, Rollie and Bryan showed us the new Bible church construction for Iglesia Bíblica Buena Tierra (“Good Soil Bible Church”…is how I guess that translates).  Texcoco used to be a large lake but that is long gone and I guess the soil there is rich as a result of the ancient lakebed.  Of course, there is a spiritual idea in the name, not just the dirt outside and under everything.

We took a quick tour of the construction of the new building for this church.  This past month a work team from PA spent a solid 6 days building all the walls.  I was amazed at how much they accomplished in such a short time.  Of course, there were 21 on the team and they were mostly farmers from Dutch country.

I thought to pull out my camera and take one photo of the entrance area.  Bryan pointed out the neighbor’s street light (looks like it was made from a Sunny D bottle) and a basketball rim made of a sawed-off 5 gallon bucket.  I’m always impressed when garbage is made into something useful.

Reminds me of some other spiritual idea.  I’m even more impressed when God uses me!


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2 Responses to The Ingenuity of Mexican Construction…Kind of Like God’s

  1. Ellie says:

    Did you see the idea of a water with bleach filled bottle stuck through the roof that can light up a dark room with no electricity (in the daytime, of course)? Might be something for areas like this – could light the church while using no electricity at all.


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