“…in the name of Jesus” (a threat?!?)

“Isaac…stop that now or I will thump you on the head…….in the name of Jesus.”

~Anonymous (I plead the 5th)


I set up the projector to use with our music yesterday (which is a rarity).  As soon as it was turned on and running, the little boys couldn’t resist putting their hands in the light to see the shadows they could make.  Of course, that is expected and not a big deal, but we got to the point where the music was playing and we sort of needed to read the words on the screen!

After a few prior requests to “go ahead and stop now” (or something less contradictory in terms), the divine utterance sort of popped out.  Despite my shame for saying it, I should point out that it worked with IMMEDIATE effectiveness.

Hey, I only threatened violence in church meeting, Jesus actually flipped tables over.  I think I stand on reasonably safe ground here.  🙂

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