BYOP (part 2)

(…cropped/zoomed in case you couldn’t make it out in the first post)

I just barely got my little point and shoot camera out quickly enough to get one shot before this guy disappeared around the corner and into the meat section of the market.

I was standing in front of the fresh chicken market when I took this shot.  As I turned to go I caught a glimpse of one of the guys working in the chicken market.  The look on his face was like…”What did he take a picture of that for?”

It’s often the routine images of another culture that capture our sense of wonder.  This just isn’t a scene we would normally see on a city sidewalk in the USA.  At least, I never have.

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One Response to BYOP (part 2)

  1. krislivo1 says:

    The real question is, “But will that be enough?”


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