Supplications, Prayers, Intercession, and Thanksgiving

In my daily Bible reading last night with the boys, we came across 1 Timothy chapter 2:1:

Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men,

This reminds me to share with you some points we’re praying today from our house church fellowship and outreach…

Supplications and prayers for Mari Cruz who left on Tuesday by bus to visit her family a few hours from here.  She received word Sunday morning that her father’s liver is failing and after visiting a hospital, they sent him home to die.  He has been a long-time alcoholic.  None of her family is saved.  She returns home tomorrow.  Pray with us for her family time to finish well and that she would have boldness and opportunity to share the Gospel with them.  When she trusted in Christ as a teenager they were furious with her and have never been open to hearing.  She took their toddler son with her.  They couldn’t afford for her to travel there (about $50) so we were glad for an opportunity to provide this for them as a love gift.

I just received a call from our co-workers, Tim & Michelle, and their little girl Bethany somehow hurt her leg on a trampoline at a local park.  There was nothing apparent in her activity that caused her pain but they are taking her for an x-ray right now.  She was simply bouncing a little and after one small bounce, she started screaming and hasn’t stopped for the past 20 minutes.  They’re not sure what might be wrong so we pray it is nothing serious.  It sounds like an odd thing.  Pray with us that Bethany’s leg situation is not serious and that the medical aid understands the problem and how to solve it.

Finally, in the area of giving thanks, Jenny was here to pick up Ivan from his science lesson with Bethie and Cameron and as she and I were discussing achievement testing details for her two oldest, she mentioned that her husband, Javier, was at work in San Luis Potosí recently, and found himself about 20 meters from a drug war shootout.  I didn’t get much more detail than that other than that Javier was not injured.  Thank God for protecting Javier as many bystanders in Mexico are killed from such firefights every year.  Javier hasn’t yet accepted Christ as his Savior and so we pray for his salvation too.


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