Health Update

I have other things about which I would like to give an update, but I need to work on an email update for April first.  I still need to update the blog a bit so I thought I’d share one thing from today concerning my diet issues.

We’re still exploring food issues and we’re relatively comfortable with continuing to rule-in a gluten intolerance.  We’re not sure about that but the symptoms and the slow improvement in the month since cutting gluten out of my diet is consistent with expectations (unfortunately).  That makes it difficult to know so we can say that we still don’t know if gluten is a problem but we still can’t say that it isn’t.  There has been some small improvement without it so that’s a bit of hope that we’re on the right track.  It could take many months to receive more confirmation.

One of the Celiac (gluten-intolerance) symptoms or collateral damage (so to speak) is often a lactose-intolerance.  I’ve been eating some white cheeses (provolone of late) and discovering that I don’t feel too well in the hours after eating it.  That’s ominous in our minds.  So, today, we decided to get lactose out.  We need to research this to better understand what that entails for sure.

Corn has been out for awhile and the derivatives have been strictly out for about a month.  Today, I decided to eat a few corn tortilla strips to see how I feel.  I still don’t feel too well to start with but I want to know if corn was merely an innocent bystander to the potential gluten issue.  It could be that if Celiac is the issue, then the damage done in the intestines has some coincidental problem with corn.  That is possible, we think.  So, we’ll see how I feel in the coming hours and into tomorrow.  If no real worsening shows up, I will try a bit more corn product.  As I type this, I’m already wondering if the corn sampling was a bad idea, but sitting here at the computer has not been a comfortable position to remain in anyway, and since I just had a bowl of soup with the corn strips, it’s hard to judge.  I need to get up and move around.

The past few days have been a little rough but I can’t say for sure why.  At least the bowel movements have been better in the past month than in months past (actually more or less in the past 5 years) and that in itself has given us some indication that the issues are probably food related rather than some sort of critter in the system (can’t quite rule that out either but we’re not pursuing that for now).

Whew…well, it’s not exciting blogging material I know.  I’m glad to say I’m still alive and kicking but I do so with continued chronic pain so I appreciate your prayers for improvement should the Lord grant it.  I’m mostly used to it although there are some times where I have to take a break and lie down for awhile.  Time to head to our Bible study.  I’ll try to post something a bit more interesting next time.  Thanks for praying!


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